About Us

May Pérez
CEO One Smart Real Estate Group

I was born on the wonderful island of Cuba surrounded by nature and artists who taught me to always look at the beautiful side of life, I also learned from them the sensitivity for architecture and history. As a child, as I strolled through the streets of the capital, I was moved to see the precious colonial buildings become ruins because of lack of resources and since then I am motivated by the desire to maintain the value and beauty of the properties with which I work to offer my clients unique places to live unforgettable experiences.

"The architecture of a property and the design are no longer just a refuge to live in, they have become a sacred space in which each client expresses his own creative universe.”

My relationship with Spain has always been close, my grandfather was the son of an island Spaniard, my great-uncle is Alfredo Kraus, one of the best Spanish lyrical tenors. As a teenager we moved to live in the Canary Islands, and there I learned to speak German, English and French, finished my studies and took my first professional steps marketing luxury hotels. In love with the romantic glamour of real visitors and Hollywood stars who year after year spent seasons in Mallorca, I began to think that it could be a good destination for my future career aspirations. Years later, the destination led me to work with the German international company "Engels and Voelkers" in the Balearic Islands, specifically in Mallorca, where I met my husband and a dream environment in which to grow professionally and enjoy a quality of exceptional life with my family and friends.

In 2014 I founded “One Smart Real Estate Group” Estate, our real estate boutique that today has a team of collaborators and sellers of my trust and a portfolio of clients whose value is calculable in hundreds of millions of euros.

"Mallorca has become my little paradise and the epicentre of my universe from which I can relate to people from all over the world with whom I share my personal and professional goals and concerns.”

My company's expansion plans, my eagerness to maintain the trust of my clients and give them the best service, motivated me to continue training at the E.A.E business school and the University of Barcelona, while “One Smart Real Estate Group” grows with strong collaborations in Europe and the U.S.A.

In 2020 we will present "Diamond Homes" that will offer our most unique properties in Mallorca, London and Los Angeles, in addition to a variety of premium services “Without limits”.

Working space "ONE" A privileged environment

Managed by our international office manager, “One Smart Real Estate Group” puts at the service of our clients, agents and collaborators a co-working environment adapted to the needs of a 21st century work team. Designed to shape a contemporary, comfortable and creative atmosphere with different areas for informal meetings, it is equipped with computer area, coffee area, toilet and private meeting room, we also enjoy outside, a sunny terrace. Our office in Bendinat is a privileged space in which the team carries out daily arrangements, consultations and meetings with our clients and collaborators.

The agency “One Smart Real Estate Group” is located in the southwest of the island, in the Plaza Bendinat Shopping Center, surrounded by beautiful villas facing the Mediterranean next to marinas, golf courses, exclusive brand shops, schools, Michelin-starred restaurants and easy access to parking areas. All near Palma, the airport and just over 1 hour flight from any European capital.

Our business group

“One Smart Real Estate Group” opened its head office in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain, in 2013. Founded by May Pérez as the only shareholder and leader of the group, we focus the strategy on generating reliability and trust by presenting our clients with an exciting offer, a careful selection of properties and a thorough care for details throughout the the process of selling, buying or renting a property.

Our agency "One Mallorca", is conceived as a real estate boutique that connects with clients from all over the world who want to enjoy the "luxury lifestyle" in Mallorca. Customers with whom we share values such as the conservation of the environment, technological modernity applied to well-being, respect for the original environment and the pleasure of enjoying more than 300 days of sunshine a year, by the sea or in the mountains.

Endorsed by an exclusive portfolio of clients and international properties of great value, and thanks to the effort and amazing teamwork, in 2019 "One Mallorca" is a benchmark of quality in luxury real estate management in Mallorca.

“One Smart Real Estate Group” continues to grow and develop its goals. In 2020 we will introduce "Diamond Homes" with a line of exceptional services to meet the needs of our premium customers.

Our philosophy / our values

We work to remain known for our discretion during the processes and our demand for results, to work with modern technology without losing personal treatment, to manage the power of networking and business formulas of the 21st century and to dedicate ourselves meticulously to the creation of unique and unforgettable experiences. But above all, we work every day to maintain the trust and respect of our customers and grow without failing our principles, maintaining fair play and harmony in our professional environment.

We strive to protect the island environment and continue to foster understanding with the wonderful inhabitants of the island of Mallorca, with its tradition and customs, with its generosity and beauty that more than 50 years ago discreetly conquered the hearts of real guests, international stars and anonymous visitors from all over the planet to enjoy this unique place in the world.

In today's market no competitive company survives without a process of computerization of the system and a good communication campaign and 360º image. Experience has helped us to understand that being at the forefront in these aspects, is as important as betting on the quality and warmth of the human team that shapes our business group, that is why we surround ourselves with collaborators who relate to our values and invest in International campaigns and in the development of state-of-the-art management tools, while continuing to offer a personalized and on-demand treatment, carried out by a team of committed professionals offering solutions in Mallorca for our national and International customers.

“Team ONE“

Our team is a reflection of our philosophy, we are a family of entrepreneurial professionals who share the goal of remaining the benchmark of reliability and trust for customers who choose our "boutique" service when buying, selling or rent a property for short or long seasons in Mallorca.

Led by May Pérez, the "One" team is made up of collaborators and agents who have years of experience in the sector, with the ability to communicate in several languages, who know and love as much as we do the impeccable treatment and the "exclusive lifestyle" that Mallorca offers.

Our company's boutique service defines the strategic lines of our teams working to continue presenting luxury offerings with unique identity. To optimize the procedures during the process of capturing properties and customer management, we invest in the design and programming of next generation operating systems.

We carry out communication, image and marketing campaigns 360º for the launch of our properties making photographs, quality videos and elaborate descriptions in several languages, and when necessary to achieve the objectives of our customers, we carry out property renovation processes through our home staging department.

We love designing creative solutions for our most demanding customers, we are open to developing original approaches to achieve goals. We value and develop profitable, tailor-made actions for each property and for our customers to enjoy a satisfying experience working with us.

Work with us

If you've come this far and are reading this, you may be a person with the right profile to become one of our agents or collaborators.

If you speak several languages, you have a great image and professional and personal education made to meet the demands of the luxury market, if you like exclusive customer service... If you are a discreet and demanding real estate professional with experience or have exceptional conditions and want to train to be one... If you want to grow economically without anyone limiting your expectations... If you enjoy managing your space and your professional and personal life in your own way... If you are sure that the time is now, we are the best option in the luxury real estate market in Mallorca for someone like you.

Work wih us

Do you speak several languages? Do you have a gift for people? Do you like to interact and be in touch with others?
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