Sell a property

The sale of a property is not a matter of luck, to achieve the objectives set by our clients in the established times, it is necessary to study all the details before designing a strategy. At ONE MALLORCA we know the power of real estate marketing tailor-made for each property so we invest and design 360 all encompassing campaigns, with a high share of success in the sale of luxury properties in Mallorca.

Here are the steps we take during the property sale process:

  1. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the property
  2. We study the existing competence and positioning of your property in the market
  3. We segment and define the potential buyer for your property
  4. We value and create the best strategy to get the best price in the shortest time possible
  5. We develop a marketing plan with international projection
  6. We create on-demand events to promote your property and monitor visits with potential buyers
  7. Our forte is to establish an unbeatable trading strategy to get the best conditions for our clients
  8. To make the sale process simple and reliable, we supervise with our legal and tax department, the prior documentation of the firm before notary.

Open Houses

Open Houses or open days are events that we design for our customers and subsequently carry out at the property that we are promoting, in addition to drawing up for the occasion a select list of potential buyers to which we invite you to make sure that the meeting is unforgettable for visitors and that the property looks at its very best. After years of experience in the market, we have become specialists in the organization of these bespoke days in which we take advantage to show all the benefits that buyers would have when acquiring and living in a place like the one we promote, at these events, not only encourage the charms of the property, but also their surroundings. This strategy has allowed us to streamline the sales processes of each of the properties that has contracted this service with us.

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